Welcome to Oasis

A cozy voxel-based universe
Forage, build, and fight monsters with friends.
A collaborative adventure filled with mystery and wonder.

Brought to you by Silicon Soul studios.
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A Cosy MMO

In Oasis, we wanted the serenity of Minecraft and Stardew Valley while also having the feeling of a living, breathing world like World of Warcraft.

- Get territory and design a custom NPC Character after completing core quest
- Build, forage, and design your home
- Form guilds (teams), trade resources, fight bosses
- Go on quests to defeat the mucky monsters

The Mucky Monsters

You wake up in a giant open world invaded by cute mushy monsters.

But don’t be fooled. These cute mushes have ravaged almost everything - covering the world with a strange purple muck.

What’s more, they bite!

The Collective

The Collective - a straggling bunch of survivors - has managed to save a few neighbourhoods.

But they need need your help. There’s so much to rebuild and those purple monsters are still quite the mystery.

Art, Creativity and The Game Engine

The voxel art style comes from our love of virtual sandcastles. We wanted building to be a central game mechanic.

But we haven’t just hashed together your typical 3D lego blocks.

To give you a beautiful canvas - we pushed technical boundaries in the voxel genre’s aesthetic.
Our game engine captures the glow of soft light; the rustling of tree leaves; the translucence of water bodies - we indulged in the details.

To do this, we developed a custom engine for Oasis. Built using three, react and next - all open-source javascript libraries. We freed ourselves from the closed source monopolies Unity and Unreal; as well as letting Oasis be an early example of streamed-gaming - where even the lightest laptops can play.

Passion, Money and The Community

I left my job last year and founded Silicon Soul studios.

Although we're still a one-man studio (with occasional help from friends) - this is our first production.

Oasis is a joy to work on, and I’m proud to make it free.

That’s free free. No in-game transactions. No adverts.

If you do find joy in Oasis, and want to support us, consider joining our Patreon:

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And if you have an idea, or just want to say hi, pop me a message on either Discord or Instagram - these often make my day!

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Saros - dev at Silicon Soul

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Brought to you by Silicon Soul studios.